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  • Connecting Leaders in Talent Acquisition
    with Innovation.

  • TLI’s Unique Environment Fosters Market-Leading Breakthroughs, Practice Direction, and Innovation in Talent Acquisition.

  • TLI Facilitates Learning that Leads to Positive, Sustainable Organizational Change.

Thought Leadership Institute

TLI is a development organization responsible for creating "exchanges" where recruiting leaders come together to discuss the challenges, concerns, and issues facing our recruiting industry.

TLI's premier event is the The Talent Acquisition Leadership Exchange (TALE). As a member of TLI you can expect to obtain specific tools and advice to implement recruitment best practices. Exchanges are focused on specific areas of interest in the recruiting field, such as international sourcing, diversity, culture, and workforce planning.

"This is a safe and comfortable environment for companies and leaders to discuss mistakes, successes and learning with others. "
-Candy Lindsay

Director, Talent Acquisition, HUMANA
Our exchanges are different in approach, model, and successful outcome from any competitive attempt. This is because we take one topic and spend the session on a much "deeper dive" and discussion rather than covering broad topics and skimming the surface.